Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Prophetic Intercession and its Types

1.)     In commencing the judgment to alleviate the suffering of the people as they wait;
2.)     In allowing certain people to be excused from the judgment and enter
         Paradise without being taken into account
3.)     In changing the decision concerning some people deserving of Hell to be allowed
         entrance into Paradise instead
4.)     In allowing certain people in one level of paradise to ascend to higher levels:
5.)     In allowing certain people to be removed from hell:
6.)     In lightening the punishment of those destined for eternity in hell

The first two are exclusive to Prophrt Muhammad (alayhi salat wa salaam) alone, while the remainder are shared with other Prophets, angels and righteous humans.  Allah Himself out of His Mercy will remove from Hell (after a long time of being in it) anyone in whose heart was an atom's worth of faith.