Friday, December 24, 2010

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A former Blackwater employee and an ex-US Marine who has worked as a security operative for the company have made a series of explosive allegations in sworn statements filed on August 3 in federal court in Virginia. The two men claim that the company's owner, Erik Prince, may have murdered or facilitated the murder of individuals who were cooperating with federal authorities investigating the company. The former employee also alleges that Prince "views himself as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe," and that Prince's companies "encouraged and rewarded the destruction of Iraqi life." 

What Window do you look out of to view the world?

     When we express our understanding of life experiences, they are rooted in the interpretations of our own frame of references formed by our personal experiences ,cultural beliefs and family orientation, just to sight a few variables. What might seem strange to one of us may be as normal as the sun rising to someone else, seems to be a common sense approach to human differences but nothing is further from the truth. Unfortunately greed, power and control are elements that also play into the human beings tolerance level and acceptance of that which is different.
     Even with in the same social groups you'll find dynamics that influence levels of tolerance and acceptance.  We human beings have come to discover 7 solar systems, a stellar ability to alter life forms and discovery of amazing technologies that have made life much easier than our fore fathers, yet we have not been able to bridge the gap of human differences, to the contrary it seems we are growing even further apart. So much so that many expect some type of global violent clash.
     I for one am truly looking to bridge that gap by conversations and exposure of the issues so that we can understand each other and not despise each other. There has been a lot of controversy about Muslims and their true intentions in western nations ie; Europe, France, Italy, Germany and the US.  I as a Muslim African Native American, am appalled at stares from people that will not acknowledge the true atrocities in the history of this country but prefer to point the accusing finger at an ignorant belief that Islam has in some way made their world unsafe? This would be understandable if the triggering events could stand up to scrutiny but to the contrary there are so many holds in the stories around 9-11, Iraq, Afghanistan and even Al Qaeda, anyone with fairly average intelligence would have "reasonable doubt" about the "official stories".
     So, from my window view I am of the rock solid belief that there are orchestrated Global efforts to discredit Islam to slow the conversion rate of people, especially living in the west. These Islamophobes believe that the rise in Muslim converts somehow poses a threat to their life style and are hell bent on  trying to make Islam less appealing. Ironical the opposite is occurring the more negative press the larger the rise in new Muslim "reverts" into the folds of Islam.
     Coming from a Christian upbringing I tried to understand these feelings, in the beginning and was very tolerant of family rudeness and down right attacks on my beliefs, but this grows old very quickly and now I just won't take any more of the hatred and unfounded fears in silence.  Islamaphobia, is orchestrated by those that truly hate Muslims and Islam, of this I have no doubt! Even more disturbing is that when your black, you don't know for which minority group you are targeted for hatred. I am not at all in favor of apologies for Muslims that are crazy, cause harm or otherwise endanger the innocent, however I can understand another human being wanting revenge for the pain and abuse to one of their own family members and lashing out at those in their view that are responsible.
     With that said I am coming to believe that little can be done to change the minds of hard core bigots and racist on either side because they don't deal in rationalizations only in a distorted narcissistic world view, that has more to do with control, greed and power.  Raised during the turbulent 60's I am suspicious by nature and will always believe our own government has the capability of doing the most heinous acts and cover them with lies and deception, remember I have family stories (native American and slave narratives) including personal life experiences that support my window view.
     Still it is Islam that gives me the hope and encouragement to move forward with dialogue because the example of The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), who was also abused and oppressed, even by his own family, he  forged forward, lead by example and was not hampered by opposition.  It is his stories that take precedent over my own family stories, thus allowing me to also forge forward trying to build bridges of understanding with those not tainted by hard core hatred and possibly we can change perceptions and make the case that Islam is not the enemy but intolerance, hatred, bigotry and racism are the true enemies of mankind and has no place in the future of world peace.