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Talismans and Islamic Ruhaniya

 Before we move into White Magic Tradition widespread amongst Sufis and occultists in the Islamic world known as Ruhaniya (lit. spirituality, but denoting white magic as opposed to black magic or sorcery, which is properly sihr). 
Adding to this discussion we first need to define some terms and introduce some theorems , this topic will have to be presented in 3 parts, Inshallah.
Prayer (with Khushoo), fasting, dua, thikr, (Umrah and Hajj), following the Sunnah,
and reading the Qur'an in Arabic, writing it down on various materials and more, let's explore some possibilities in doing all these things:
Some information from other traditions: 
A vortex (plural: vortices) is a spinning, often turbulent, flow of fluid. Any spiral motion with closed streamlines is vortex flow
side note:


Why Is Pittsburgh So Central In Prophesies And Evolutionary Shifts?

Our Pittsburgh history confirms that the Point Park area, where our three rivers converge, was a sacred site for tribal rituals of the Native Americans who inhabited this region. All indigenous cultures recognize the sacred power of any geographical area where three rivers merge. Our area is even more unique with the fourth, underground river (more accurately defined as an aquifer), that feeds the fountain, and empties into the Ohio River. The four rivers carry special significance regarding our area’s surprising connection to the origins of the Maya themselves as well as the Mayan 2012 prophesies.

Recent archaeological studies conducted through the University of Pittsburgh (Adovasio, The First Americans) have confirmed that the Western Pennsylvania area of the Meadow croft Rock shelter near Greater Pittsburgh is the area where the first Americans established themselves in permanent settlement over a 16,000-year period. These first Americans dated back to 15,000-19,000 B.C.E.

Tracking the migration of what appears to be their cultural footprints of sacred mound technology along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers into the Yucatan, one witnesses the sacred mounds evolving into the mathematically sophisticated step-pyramids typical of the Maya. This evidence leads to an interesting conclusion. It appears that these first Americans, established in our Western Pennsylvania region, were the predecessors of the ancient Maya. If this conclusion is valid, this would link our Pittsburgh area with the Maya historically.

Returning to the significance of  Pittsburgh’s converging rivers, several visionaries, healers, a Himalayan holy man, and the Dalai Lama himself have all confirmed that the Point where the rivers converge is indeed a sacred portal. Several of them have confirmed that this portal, or gateway, will soon be activated to bring forth pure universal light for our planet’s transformation.      

[0002] A human being is a hyperspace energy being living in a physical container or body that is comprised of 67% water. The hyperspace energy being receives energy from our dimension through seven vortexes that run the length of the body. Each vortex connects to a separate hyperspace dimension having its own particular frequency. This arrangement allows for the development of seven modular energy components corresponding to the mind, spiritual eye, voice, body, abdomen, plasma energy ball (battery), and ground connection
CROWN CHAKRA- the top vortex supplies energy to the mind and provides a channel of communications to other entities in the universe.  This channel has been tested up to 100,000 light years which is the diameter of this galaxy. 
Color is absorbed by the eyes, skin and skull and our Electro-magnetic field/aura. 
The energy of color can have an affect upon us on all levels, that is to say, physical, spiritual and emotional. Every cell in the body needs light energy - thus color energy has widespread influence on the whole body.

Chakras and Associated Colors 

Solar Plexus

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A Talisman (from Arabic طلاسم Tillman, ultimately from Greek telesma or from the Greek word "telein" which means "to initiate into the mysteries") is an amulet or other object considered to possess supernatural or magical powers.

The supernatural or supranatural (Latin: super, supra "above" + natura "nature") is anything above or beyond what one holds to be natural or exists outside natural law and the observable universe.[1] Science limits its explanations for phenomena to natural explanations, a process known as methodological naturalism, and cannot consider supernatural explanations, as they cannot be investigated empirically.

Those who hold mystical or theistic beliefs may have no conception of supernatural phenomena, but might perceive the scientist's natural laws, on their own, as being subnatural.[citation needed] To explain something using natural causes and excluding supernatural causes is to naturalize it.[2] To explain something as resulting from supernatural causes is to supernaturalize it.[3]

Adherents to supernatural beliefs hold that such occurrences exist just as surely as does the natural world. Opponents argue that there are natural, scientific explanations for what they often perceive as the supernatural

Indistinct from nature: From this perspective, some events occur according to physical lawsangels and spirits generally think that they are naturally present in the cosmos. Some religious people also believe that all things that humans see as natural act in a systematic fashion only because God wills it so, and that natural laws are an extension of divine will.

Magic is the claimed art of altering things either by supernatural means or through knowledge of occult natural laws unknown to science  Magical rituals are the precisely defined actions (including speech) used to work magic 

Islamic Terms  

1) Kimiya (alchemy), 2) Limiya (talismanic magic), 3) Himiya (subjugation of souls), 4) Simiya (letter magic/producing visions) and 5) Rimiya (conjuration). Note that the first letters of the names of these five sciences when put together spell the Arabic phrase Kulluhu Sirr (all of it is a Mystery/Secret).

 In the Islamic world such practices are either frowned upon or outright persecuted. Iran currently seems to be the only exception to this rule, but in Sa'udi Arabia and throughout much of the Gulf kingdoms the practice of  ruhaniya is outright prosecuted by law and punishable in some cases even by death, esp. Sa'udi Arabia. This does not mean, however, that there aren't presently any practicing ruhani maguses in this part of the world. It means that they are forced to practice in secret, dissimulate and do their Work largely underground.

To be continued InshaAllah...

UPDATE: APRIL 30, 2011

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