Sunday, June 26, 2011

How do you mend a Broken Heart?

We all have experienced some type of devastating event, weather it is the death of a loved one, the lost of an important relationship, the lost of dreams, children, parent's , spouse or any object of adoration, a life changing event has occurred or will happen to the best of us!  We all can relate to the pain of lost, so what besides time, turns this around? First and foremost allow your self to grieve, don't expect this pain to vanish overnight!

Then, start to detach by giving in to thoughts that elevate and take you away from that which keeps you down.  Find those things that help you to feel positive, healthy mentally and spiritually. Walk, exercise, eat healthy meals, help someone less fortunate than your self.  Count your blessings and realize that this life is not permanent and we will eventually have to leave.

There is no greater benefit to a painful lost or separation than "Prayer" knowing that something is greater than our self and all that we experience helps us in ways we can't even imagine, believing in a "Loving God" that knows better than anyone else, what it is your experiencing, creates a window of relief for the broken hearted.

Rejoice in what you have and move forward in your planning for the future!  Then allow for set backs and do not dispare, life has points of rocky, shaky moments as well as beautiful moments of laughter and joy.  It is the contrast in life that teaches us what we need to know and pushes us to appreciate the good times and to be thankful.

These events teaches us, how so much in life is out of our control and no matter how hard we try, something will always go wrong and some things will always go right! Our purpose in this life is to worship God in good and bad times because He is the only constant Good..

When you look out of the window of faith you can see a field of flowers of hope, compassion, forgiveness and promise, that suffering in this life has an ultimate purpose and has an ending that is just and fare.


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