Sunday, April 3, 2011

Is America a Democracy or a Republic?

Now, pure democracy does not exist anywhere, and pure democracy is definitely evil.

A simple illustration as proof of pure Democracy
Five people are stranded on a deserted island and decide to live under democracy. Three are men. One of them proposes a new law making it legal for a man to rape women (under certain circumstances, of course). The three men vote yes. What happens next is "democracy" in action.
Because pure democracy brings about despotic rules, to protect those not in the majority and marginal groups, the power of the ruling majority is curtailed by a limiting document called Constitution. The secular republic or Citizenship Republic is defined as: "a Representative Democracy limited by checks and balances called Constitution".

A Constitution nonetheless based on the tenets of men, and not on God's, in fact, God is out in a Citizenship Republic and the nation is secular. Divorce, Abortion, Homosexuality, etc are approved there.

America is a Citizenship Republic (not a democracy) and its Constitution is based partially on the Bible. The drafting of the American constitution did not involve only the Puritans, but unbelievers also, that at best were "deist" believing in some sort of god of their imagining, but not the God of the Bible. So we have a compromised Constitution with some godly input.

Mass Inprisonment is a designed effort in The United States' Racial Caste System!

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