Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pagan Holidays

     What exactly is being celebrated each year of the Gregorian calender when the new year arrives? Do people know or even care? I heard weapons of all kinds being fired, hand guns, shotguns and even automatic weapons in a random display of wanton celebration for a day many celebrate out of custom or tradition.  Following in the footsteps of those who went before them!

     I guess like Christmas and Halloween, nobody actually cares what these holidays actually represent and the history associated with it's rituals. Today people argue that these holidays are innocent celebrations that are fun for family and children? Well let's do a little research and find out weather these assumptions are true. At first glance it would seem only ones intentions are liable when performing rituals in innocence, so if that is true we should be able to find the evidence for this, right?

What is a Pagan Ritual?
A Religious or Pagan Ritual is anything that focuses your spiritual energy. A church service is a ritual, so is a wedding, or a funeral, or a Hopi Sun Dance. Humans have created rituals since the beginning of time. Ritual is the way humans express their connection with divinity and each other!

Most modern day celebrations have their roots in Pagan seasonal celebrations.
The Pagan seasonal cycle is often called the Wheel of the Year. Almost all Pagans celebrate a cycle of eight festivals, which are spaced every six or seven weeks through the year and divide the wheel into eight segments. Wheel with eight segments representing the subdivision of the year
Four of the festivals have Celtic origins and are known by their Celtic names, Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh and Samhain. Wikipedia :

Many of us in the field of comparative religion and mythology may never have guessed we would see the day when official organizations such as the police in Great Britain recognized the validity of Pagan celebrations that have their roots in antiquity.

Pagans — including druids, witches and shamans — will have to take the days as holiday days, but each day is given the same respect as Christmas for Christians, Ramadan for Muslims and Passover for Jews.
Pagan cops are also allowed to swear upon their own religion in court now, pledging to tell the truth not before God but by what 'they hold sacred'.

     What actually happens when we participate in pagan ritual is, we give that ritual spiritual power to rise up against the divine order and this has always been the sole purpose of Satan.  Ritual is never innocent, Allah warns us about following blindly and doing things just because we found our fathers doing it.  We give power to blasphemy and elevate falsehood in celebrating these false Holidays, Christmas, Halloween, News Years, May Day, Valentine's day , Easter ect., these holidays should NEVER be observed by any;

   Muslims have 2 Holidays or Eids, the rituals and celebrations were handed down to us by our Prophet Muhammad (saws), the last Messenger sent to all of mankind and Jinn. 
We thank Allah for His favor and honoring us with guidance through Islam. We follow the path that leads to our Lord and it is a straight path in the foot steps of one who has been promised Jennah, are we going to take a chance by following another path that might lead to the fire?  Ritual is never innocent!