Saturday, February 5, 2011

Was Prophet Muhammad Black or Caucasian?

False History

Part 1: Fraud
The contributions of black people as a whole to modern and ancient civilization are so profound and fundamental that a very strong case could be made in favor of their proprietorship In regards to all of the worlds sciences, arts and philosophies, One reason this is not a widely known fact is the long held tradition among modern western scholars which distort the facts with racist, anti‑Black interpretation.

In order to perpetrate these falsifications, they are obliged to ignore the ancient historical Greek scholars such as Pliny, Erastothenes, Plutarch, Diadorus and Herodotus. In fact nearly all ancient Greek and Roman historians give a record that is quite at odds with the falsifications of western scholars of today.

 They have to ignore the archaeological and anthropological evidence of the Sphinx and the pyramids in addition to the works of Dr. Leaky and Dr, Diop. In addition, whenever advantageous to do so, they confuse the ethnicity of ancient peoples, for example; promoting that ancient Egyptians are white and that Egypt is in the Middle East as opposed to being in Africa, Objective observation of all the evidence indicates that we are dealing with the most monstrous falsification in the history all humanity which leads to the single most tragic event in history, the destruction of Black civilization, Continued misrepresentation regarding true African history will eventually plummet, et the entire planet into a conflict between the races. This is because it is out right slanderous for anyone to think of Blacks the ancestral source of all humanity, as inferior in any way.