Monday, January 31, 2011

Yasir Qadhi | A Brief Statement Regarding the Situation in Egypt

Yasir Qadhi A Brief Statement Regarding the Situation in Egypt

Greed, Power, Ego Mania and Arrogance!

When we look at the many wars and situations around the world , we are made to look into the face of greed, power, egos out of control and shear arrogance.  What comes of this mixture of personality disorders, is torture, murder, desires to control the masses and use them to promote selfish goals, including a wayward dis-regard for the peoples needs and conditions.Such lack of human compassion, can only be described as santanic. The death, genocide and destruction that ensues with such unbridled ambitions create such evil, that there are no words to describe the carnage that takes place as a result of the savagery imposed upon the people to expand acquisition of land, resources , commodities.

The power elite grows increasingly separated from the general public, who prop up their elitist positions with their labor and even their bodies.  Elitist greed is only surpassed by their willingness to sacrifice their own people, in wars to further push forward their greedy expansion and rule. This unbelievable scenario is played out over and over again through out the world and has been a common theme through out human history. One corrupt ruler is over thrown for another and thus this perpetual legacy of corruption goes on until the next revolt or revolution.

Our Lord tells us; man can never be satisfied by what he acquires in this life and this world is a test and illusion.