Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Social Change

In The Name of Allah, Most Merciful, Most Gracious,

This night I sit and contemplate  this question; "Do Muslims have a Greater Responsibility to be leaders of Social Change?". Should we be the champions of eradicating poverty, ending child and spousal abuse, ridding the world of perversion, leading the society in environmental / green issues, fighting for the rights of the oppressed , be they Muslim or non-Muslim, animal or human. 

Do Muslims have a moral obligation to be at the forefront of , saving our rain forest,
stopping exploitation anywhere in the world, weather in human trafficking, slavery, racist institutions, stealing of other people's land, minerals, should they head organizations that fight pornography.  Should Muslims form groups to find missing and exploited children, to feed the hungry, provide help to the homeless, help orphans?

Are we to endlessly seek to learn Arabic, perfect our Wudu, memorize Quran, fast and pray but never step foot into the arena of social change? I am up late this night wondering what should be our priority in the world at this time? We have been resting in the cool shade of  Tawheed, doing light duty "Dawa" work, tough times need tough people who are fearless and Love what Allah loves. 

Enough Zhikr! Time to put your faith into action take up a cause because Allah left "us" in charge, take back this world from the Godless criminals and Satan's band of tag team misfits, "Don't be Afraid", we are in a win win situation as believers, we get victory or death! We don't need to be defensive and act like every cry is against us, reacting to every minor attack. Allah and His angels wages a war against those that fight Islam.

The world is in the condition it is because Muslims have failed to step up to the plate, no I am not saying we need to be fighting physical wars  but we need to each take up a worthy cause and join others of like mind weather they are Muslim or not and help rid this world of it's many problems and stop sitting around waiting for the Mahidi. We do have an Islamic duty to speak out, do something about the injustice in this world even if it's against ourselves. We know Islam is the answer let's act like it!

We need to rid ourselves of fear and hopelessness, be courageous in forging new paths of moral certitude.  This world and all it's riches belong to the God fearing and we need to step up and take our place center stage so that Allah can put us in our rightful places of leadership. We are the adults and the children have been running a muck! Stand up Muslims for what is right and show the world Islam is the truth from the Lord of the Universe!!!!

Ignore the trivial and pursue the greater good because the world is crying for help! wa Allahu Alim

Know that Allah, the Exalted, has commanded: "Let there arise from among you a group inviting people to that which is good, commanding them to do what is good and forbidding them to do what is evil. These are the people who are successful." (al-Qur'an 3:104)

Know that the Prophet (S) has added: "Whoever among you sees what is wrong, let him change it by force. If he is not able to do that, then he must speak out. If he not able to do that, then he must hate it in his heart. That is the weakest of faith." (recorded by Muslim)

Our motivation for speaking out is that of the messengers of Allah, The Exalted, Who revealed: "And behold a group among them said, 'Why do you preach to a people whom Allah will destroy or punish very severely?' They responded, 'To be free from having to give excuses to your Lord and in hopes that they will become conscious of their duty to Allah'." (al-Qur'an 7:164)