Monday, January 10, 2011


As Salaamu Alaikum Dearest Brothers and Sisters,  

I pray that this short note finds you in the highest Iman (faith) and optimum state of health, Ameen.  I thought I would share with you a recent inspiration I had before Fajr (early morning prayer).  The inspiration was so compelling I immediately wrote it down.  Like most of my Duas that come from the heart, this information comes from with in and Allahu Alim;

Islam is like a training system, to increase the energy field of the Human Being giving him/her the capacity for instantaneous healing of infections/disease, or the capacity to choose beneficial health care providers. Some gain the ability to teleport to another location (The Prophet Muhammad, pbuh), remote viewing at vast distances, looking into hyper space co-dimensions, even propelling their voice warning another of approaching armies, ect.

Cutting off the light source into our bodies can put our bodies in a sorta suspended animation (sleepers of the cave) touching another living creature at the time of this event has the potential of putting that creature in a suspended state, with Allah's permission (the dog), entering a cave like state.  Placing the body in a secure location and programming it for self containment assures one that upon return you have a vehicle to enter back into this dimension at a later date.

The body is a vessel that carries the soul much like a car carries the body.  In times of danger Allah has given the codes to a few of His servants so that they may pass through these dangerous periods unharmed and ready to awaken in a new paradigm so to share the light of truth with yet a new generation of human beings. (the end of the world as we know it, or paradigm shift)

The war of Armageddon has begun and most people are unaware of the signs.  Every event begins first as a spiritual one, then manifests in the physical "As Above. so Below" "As a man thinkest, so he is" ect.
The Qur'an is among other things, also a book of codes and verbal keys for transformation, revolution and annihilation of enemies of Allah.  Prayer, fasting, dhikr, duas are talisman's given for the work of vicegerents/servants of Allah who are on Earth as well as in the 7 solar systems.

The words of Allah not only transforms the spirit but the body (making one a light being) but also the mind and heart of the sincere seeker.  There are those that have taken this knowledge and used it for personal gain declaring for themselves an "Elite Status", so to control the flow of divine knowledge to the masses, because the masses are being used for material gain and thus have to be put into a fog of mis-information, distraction, fed lies and control programs, so that they are not awaken to the truth which lies dormant in the human consciousness.

Activation of these principles are based in sincerity and heart purity, that is solely determined by Allah and given through vibrational fields that ultimately reaches individuals chosen for this barakat, and Allahu Alim