Monday, February 14, 2011


Well another week has arrived and off I go to work.  So much has changed in the surrounding world yet here I go to my Job as usual not much changing there.  What is always strange about this life is that no matter how much it seems things change, things pretty much stay the same. (I do believe someone already said that:))

Well that is another point, can anyone truly come up with an idea or saying that has not been said or done before? There is not anything new under the sun and this I can bear witness to, when you live as long as I have, you testify to these facts that manifest in your own life. To say that this life is short is such an understatement, I can actually remember the smell in the air on my 16th birthday which seemed like yesterday, yet it was soooo long ago, don't want to tell my age here ;))

These things made self evident only strengthens my belief in an afterlife and solidifies my commitment to follow the message sent by God.  It seems pretty obvious that what is written in the Quran is from the Lord of the Universe, it's the only thing that makes since out of what is a senseless existance.

I bear wittness that there is but one God who calls himself Allah and I bear wittness that his last messenger after a long list of men that were sent to mankind to guide to the way back to God, was Prophet Muhammad (saws) from the Quraish tribe of Arabia.