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The Secrets of Allah's Name-Ya Salaamu to cure sickness

The name-Ya Salaamu

From the 99 names of Allah the Name  As-salaam

As-Salam- The Peace, The Tranquillity, The Source of Wholeness and Well-Being

The Source of Peace. He who frees His servants from all danger and obstruction. He greets His fortunate servants in Paradise. The Flawless, The Source of Wholeness and Well-Being, The One who is free from every imperfection. The Giver Of Peace Or One Who is Immune From All Distress The One who is free from every imperfection.

(Read Ya Salaamu 125,000 to cure incurable diseases like Cancer or any other sickness)

The secret of reciting any of the Names of Allah is 1st recite 11 time any salawat(durood shareef) then the Name in this example Ya Salaamu and finally finish as you started with 11 time salawat(durood shareef)

YA SALAMU: O Source of Peace! If this is repeated 160  times over someone who is ill, it will help the patient to recover. Anyone who recites this Ism continuously. Allah will protect him from all calamities and maladies.

If said 115 times and blown on a sick person. Insha-Allah will restore his health. If any person reads this name as much as he can he will always be prevented from all mishappenings and if a person reads this name 115 times and prays for an unhealthy person that person will get good health.

YA SALAMU: O Source of Peace
The One who is perfect, whole, prosperous and content.
The One who is the source of all peace, wholeness and safety.
The One who has rendered all of creation to be perfect, whole, prosperous and content.
The One whose creation is free of imperfections, free of faults and free of error.

From the root s-l-m which has the following classical Arabic connotations:

to be peaceful, quiet, tranquil, content, friendly, reconciled to be free from imperfections, free from faults, complete, whole, sound to be safe, secure, well, healthy, prosperous.

This name is used in the Qur'ân. For example, see 59:23

This ancient Semitic root of s-l-m implies every manner of wholeness, completeness and prosperity.

Many seek peace by struggling, battling and trying to impose their will on others, yet external peace will only prevail as a reflection of inner peace.

The only path to outer peace is awareness of the tranquil depths of inner peace, and the only source of such inner peace is the One known as as-Salaam.

According to Râghib the word Islam, which arises form this same s-l-m root, means to enter into salm... which means to enter into peace, or to enter into wholeness. That is, the word Islam means to be at peace with or reconciled with the ways and decrees of Allah, and is often described as self-resignation, surrender or submission to the will of Allah.

The meaning of the Word S-L-M

SLM is also the root for the words salim, which means;
'safe,' saleem, 'perfection,' sallama, 'salvation,'salama, 'blameless' and salaam, 'well being.'
Using all of these words gives an expanded meaning to the word Islam: 'when one surrenders to the will of Allah, as revealed by His Prophet (saw), one will find salvation, perfection, safety and well being.'

The word salaam is often translated as 'peace' but this is only one of several meanings. Its primary meaning is actually 'well being'.

It can also mean health, soundness, wholeness, safety and serenity.

A common Arabic greeting is as-sallam alaykum, which is usually translated as 'peace be upon you,' but its extended meaning is 'may well being, wholeness and tranquility be upon you-(all)'.

(the ending Kum is a plural because when you greet a Muslim even if its one person you give him/her salaam and  their two angels salaam too on their shoulders, thus Kum is a Plural ending and from this one can clearly see our  Deen-'way of life'  acknowledges the Unseen-Ghayb.  Because the Angels are from the world of the Unseen-Ghayb and by acknowledging them in our salaam we need to realise our  Deen-'way of life' is deeply rooted in the Unseen-Ghayb.  Why give something greetings if you cant see it, whats the point?. The point is some (few) people can see the angels but most of us just cant because our inner eye of the heart-Baseerah
(the baseerah is mentioned in the Quran too) is veiled.  But how many of us ponder on the words we say each day giving the unseen salaam.)
The guiding principle in worshipping God was measured on one’s purity of heart as the Qur’an says

“Qalbun Salim” (soundness of heart)

Muhammad Sajad Ali
please feel to forward to all

Please note this is part of my Notes im compiling about Shifa- Healing

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ramadan in Africa

Fasting during Ramadan is strictly adhered to in countries where there's a large Islamic population. Throughout North Africa the vast majority of the population will fast, this includes Morocco, Western Sahara, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, and Libya. In East and West Africa the predominantly Islamic countries include Djibouti, Sudan, Gambia, Guinea, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal and Somalia. Zanzibar (Tanzania), and Kenya's coastal towns (Mombasa, Malindi, Lamu), also have large Islamic populations.

Muslims account for over half the population in as many as 28 African countries including Nigeria and Ethiopia which given the predominance of churches everywhere you would traditionally think of it as a Christian country. Muslims in Africa account for about a third of all Muslims world wide and Islam is also the fastest growing religion in Africa.

Would you skip lunch to sponsor an iftar for a starving family? As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, millions of Muslims are living without food and water in the Horn of Africa region. According to aid agencies, up to 12 million people living in remote areas across Ethiopia , Kenya and Somalia are faced with starvation.

Most of the affected areas are inhabited by Muslims, which would make the month of fasting even tougher on them if aid agencies and well-wishers don’t intervene swiftly!

As the number of hungry people rises, more resources will be needed to meet the need for food assistance. The WFP estimates that around US$477 million is needed to address hunger needs in the region through to the end of the year.

Currently, it has a 40% shortfall in funding, with about US$190 million still needed. The mainly Muslim East and Horn of Africa region, the focus now is on Muslim organisations to be at the forefront of lending a hand.

Some are are now calling on Muslims to launch a campaign where they skip lunch and donate those funds to feed a hungry family for iftar as their effort to ease the famine. The call comes as Muslims prepare to fast from dawn to dusk in order to physical feel the pangs of hunger felt by those less fortunate and is a month characterised by the spirit of generosity and compassion.

Meanwhile, the African Union called Tuesday on the international community to come to the aid of Somalia, where one in three people are suffering from the combined effect of unrest and drought. "Close to three million people, that is one in three Somalis, are in need of humanitarian assistance," said the AU in a statement. "This has led to major displacements into urban areas, in particular Mogadishu, as well as in neighbouring countries.

Friday, July 8, 2011

My God, they make up Stories to Keep the Lie alive!

“We saw around 50 federal agents. They were all dressed
in black. They were in the dumpsters even. I came out of
the car to see what was going on. They pointed guns at us.
They put Dritan in handcuffs. They had me in handcuffs.
They had dogs trained on us, foaming at their mouths,
which was scary because we couldn’t protect ourselves.
The nieces and nephews were just in the truck crying. I
was 15. I thought I was in a dream when that was going
on, during the arrest.”
Burim Duka, age 20 (brother of Eljvir, Dritan and Shain
Duka), describing Dritan’s arrest

Saturday, July 2, 2011

15th Night of Shabaan

Abstracted from the writings of:
Sheikh Maulana Mohammed Ilyas Attar Qadri

Master of Masters, Prophet Muhammad (Swall Allahu Alaihi Wasallam) said that whoever fasts three days in the month of Shabaan and at the time of if’tar (breaking-fast at sunset) recites 3 times darood [salawat] on me, his sins will be forgiven and his provisions will be amplified and on the Day of Judgment he will enter Paradise riding on a heavenly female camel.

Sayiduna Anas (may Allah be pleased with him) that Sayidunna Esa (Jesus Alaihis’salam) passed by a mountain and there he saw a white stone. He started looking at it with awe. Allah revealed his message [wa’hy] on his messenger (alaihis’salaam), “Shall I disclose for you a thing stranger than this” “Surely!” he answered. So then that stone split and from it emerged an old man, with a green walking stick in his hand and pointing to the grapes vines said that I get my sustenance from here.

Sayediunna Esa (Alihis’salaam) asked him, “How long have you been busy in worshipping Allah in this stone” The man replied “for 400 years.” Sayidunna Esa (Alaihi’salaam) said to Allah, “I think no one else would have worshipped like him.” Allah revealed, “whoever of the nation [ummah] of My Beloved Prophet (Swall Allahu Alaihi Wasallam) performs 2 cycles [raka’] of prayer on the 15th night of Shabaan is better than this 400 years of worship.” {Nuzhatul Majalis}

Mother of the believers, Sayidatuna A’isha (May Allah be pleased with her) says, I missed the Prophet (Swall Allau Alaihi Wasallam) one night so I went out to al-Baqi’ (graveyard, and found him). He said: “Were you afraid that Allah would wrong” I said: “O Messenger of Allah, I thought that you might have gone to visit one of your [other] wives.” He said: “Allah Glorious and Exalted descends to the nearest heaven on the night of mid-Shabaan (15th night) and He forgives more people than the number of hair on the hides of the flocks and herds of sheep of the tribe of Kalb. {Tirmidhi} It is recorded in books that the tribe of Kalb used to have the most number of sheep in Arabia, but some unfortunate people are still not forgiven on this night when Allah showers His mercy on mankind. Amongst them are 1) those who are habitual drinkers [alcoholics] 2) those who are habitual adulterous 3) those who are disobedient to their parents 4) those who break family ties 5) those who are mischief-spreaders and, 6) those who are back-bitters. In another narration mischief-spreader is replaced with those who make pictures. {Mukashifatul Quloob}.

In other narrations those who practice magic, those who eat interest, those who lower their pants below their ankles with pride, those who start a fight between two Muslims, those who bear malice (have hatred for another Muslim) in their hearts without a lawful cause are also not forgiven on this blessed night unless they repent sincerely and also ask for forgiveness from fellow Muslims and make peace.

In a long Prophetic narration, narrated in Ghunya tut-Talibin, the Messenger of Allah said, that is the night of mid-Shabaan (15 night) when Allah (Exalted is He) arranges the affairs of the year. He transfers [some of] the living to the list of dead, and records those who will make pilgrimage [Hajj] to the House of Allah that year, neither adding one too many nor leaving a single one of them out.”

Once Leader of Believers, Sayidunna Omar bin Abdul Aziz (may Allah be pleased with them) was busy praying extra [na’fl salah/namaz]. He lifted his head and saw a green note, whose light [glow] spread till the sky and it read “This is a note of forgiveness from the Owner Allah Almighty (Exalted is He) to His servant Omar bin Abdul Aziz. (Tafseer Roh-ul-Bayan)

It is recorded from the Friends of Allah [Auliya-Allah] to pray 6 cycles of ritual prayer [raka’] after the Maghrib prayer. In the first two raka’ add with the intention that with its blessing extend life with harmony. Next two for the protection from misfortunes and evil, and next two so that may Allah make us dependant on Him and no one else. After every two cycles [raka’] recite 21 times Surah Ikhlas OR once Sura Yasin (chapter 36). Rather read both and gain mounts of rewards and then recite the Supplication of Shabaan (dua’ of Shabaan)

Spend the night, as much as possible, in worship and on the 15th of Shabaan fast. It is written in Anees-ul-Waezeen that whoever fasts on the fifteenth of Shabaan the fire of hell will not touch him.
Since the book of deeds is changed on the 15 night, if it is possible, also fast on the 14th so that the last day of the yearly deed book is spent fasting and the first day is spent fasting.
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Friday, July 1, 2011

Native Americans


The important 1886 historical American war photograph of Geronimo and its headline connotation to "Homeland Security" and "Terrorism" has extreme deep-seated and inter-generational significance to the native indigenous peoples of our great country, the United States of America, USA.

Many brave Indian warriors, many beautiful Indian women and grandmothers, and many innocent Indian children did not survive the post European contact military incursions by Spanish-Mexican-British-French-American government soldiers and civilian militias that overran and blatantly stole their ancestral homelands, decimated their populations and literally sought to exterminate them from the Earth!